Below is a small examples of repairs we carry out and a rough guide to cost.

PC Repairs

NEED IT FIXED TODAY? Ask about our express service from only £20+VAT

Prices are plus VAT and do not include hardware costs

  • Data Recovery from £49
  • Data Transfer from £29
  • Health Checks Laptop+PC £49
  • Health Checks Mac OS from £49
  • Wireless Networks installed onsite from £49 *
  • New PSU Supplied and fitted from £40
  • Custom PC built from £49 (not including Hardware)
  • New Hard Drives/Solid State Drives supplied and fitted with Windows operating system installed**

* Home Users only

** Prices vary depending on size and type


Laptop Repairs

We have come across many problems over the years and are confident we can solve handle anything your laptop or pc could throw at us.

Laptop screens

Our experience with this procedure means this we can replace your laptop screen in a very short time from our workshop on North Street.

Laptop power jack

If a laptop will not charge or power on often the power jack has been worn by use. We can replace these jacks and bring a previously dead laptop back to life

Motherboard repairs

If your laptop is totally dead we’ve got a good success rate with repairing laptops that other places might call scrap. While these repairs can take longer it’s always worth a go.

Liquid Damage

If your wine/coffee/dinner ends up somewhere it shouldn’t and your laptop gets soaked do the following:

  1. Take out the battery
  2. Remove as much liquid as possible
  3. Put the laptop in a bag of rice overnight in warm place
  4. Bring it to compuwave for a free assessement


  • Replacement Laptop Screens from £65
  • Power Jacks replaced on Laptops  from £40
  • Motherboard repairs from £60


Console Repairs

We can repair.

  • Playstation
  • PS2
  • PS3
  • PS4
  • X-Box
  • X-Box 360
  • X-Box One
  • Handheld consoles

Electronics repairs

We can also repair other elelctronics devices such as;

  • ipods and MP3 players
  • Hi-Fi systems
  • TV Repairs
  • GHD repairs
  • DVD repairs
  • VHS repairs
  • Any electrical item considered for repair…

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