Microsoft or BT Phone Calls

Please be aware that Microsoft never phone their customers
If you have received a telephone call telling you there is something
wrong with your computer, and the caller tells you they are from Microsoft or
Windows and need to log on to your computer now to fix the
STOP!…If you allow them to log on, they will either put a pop up
onto your computer and ask you to pay for its removal or put a programme into
your hard drive so that every time you switch your computer on they have access
to any information you have stored or see what websites you are visiting.
The best way to deal with these scammers is to tell them you have no
computer and put the phone down, then report the call to Consumer Direct on
08454 040506 or Action Fraud on 03001232040 both these companies are recording
these crimes.
If you are receiving a vast number of these calls, please contact
your telephone provider to see if they are able to help you.
If you have received any other emails or calls about Santander, or
any other bank, please also report to the above mentioned numbers